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What not to wear…

I get asked a lot what clients should and should not wear to sessions, here are a few things I’ve come up with over the years.

– no solid white shirts

– no plaids/thick stripes

– tube tops are really not that cute in pictures like they are in real life, it always ends up looking like a push pop in the pictures.

– please don’t bring all formal wear/dresses, make it a good mix of jeans, casual, and a dress.

– if this is an engagement session you don’t have to match exactly, just be in the same color scheme.

– I love layers(but that’s just me:)- cool jeans, a collared shirt underneath with a loose tie for guys is neato. For girls, a fun jacket with colorful jewelry with a neat pattern underneath, cool jeans and high heels are fun aslo. Since we do urban sessions remember to have your outfits look like they could go with a downtown setting.

Your outfits will determine what backgrounds we use, so if you bring a dressy dress we will take you somewhere nicer, don’t worry, we won’t take your cocktail dress to a trash dump (unless you want us to:).

Bring PROPS!!! If you play an instrument, have a favorite hat/hoodie, skateboards, favorite couch or chair, anything will make your session more unique.