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more about me

I didn’t know how to put all of these random strange things about me in a nice flowy way on here, and so I’m just going to put raw tidbits of who I am instead.

This is for all of you serious blog-creepers who don’t have anything else to do at the moment, so you are reading all of my weird tidbits… aren’t you?:)

1) I love animals. I should have been Noah’s daughter. Dogs are my favorite. Every new place I go I always end up stopping the owners and ask if I can pet the dogs as  they are walking by me.

2) At my first dentist appointment when I was 3 I had 6 cavities. I have always had a major problem with sugar addiction and less of an addiction with brushing my teeth afterwords(I’m eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch as I’m typing this). Chocolate Ice Cream is king, Peanut Butter M&Ms are queen.

3) My parents are divorced. It changed my life forever. I cry… a lot… when I watch movies that have to do with father-daughter relationships.

4) I went through a phase where I painted clear nail polish on my eyelashes.

5) My fuzzy dream of my future has always had an Amish lifestyle and mountains in it. I love simplicity. I am caught between wanting to be “cool” and just wanting to live simple and with nature.

6) I want to save up enough money to build a Rocio Romero.

7) My brother, his wife and their two kids live in Seattle, the prettiest place on earth. I wish they lived closer.

8) When I first met my husband my sophomore year in high school I introduced myself as Josh Clark. It became my most embarrassing moment. Funny that I married him 4 years later.

9) I absolutely love when my two great danes jump on the bed and watch a movie with me… shedding dog hair and all.

10) I love the Lord and know that He is always guiding me into a place of greater purpose. I am excited to see how He ultimately uses me even with all of my wounds.

11) I love the warm breeze of a quiet field on Grandma’s farm. I used to daydream out there before all of the cares of the world latched onto me.

12) Animated movies are the best. They are so creative and there is always a profound life lesson in them.

13) I envision my death everyday in a new way. I think it’s because I never want to be caught by surprise again and I want to be prepared in life threatening situation so that I might be able to save a life.

14) I go through extreme phases. My friend Aimee told me that I have an obsessive personality. Some of them don’t go away. My obsession right now is my horse, Rev. In the past year I have been overwhelmed for at least a month on each of these obsessions:  the gym, triathalon training, healthy eating,  gourmet cooking, learning Spanish,veganism, watercolor painting, missions, decorating, horsemanship, breeding great danes, selling everything we own, and planning parenthood. When I get a new idea of goal in my head I just cannot quit pursuing it day and night until eventually I just drop it randomly and pick something else up. I’m really weird that way. That is a major quirk with me and a reason for some pretty funny purchases.

15) I have 3 small tumors that have been on me for 10 years.

16) I am half introvert/half extrovert I love being by myself but have no problem working a room… for a little while.

17) My husband is the perfect man for me. We are complete opposite, but he brings me balance.

18) Marla, my sister-in-law should be a famous singer. She is THAT good.

19) I love calm music.

20) Swimming is my favorite summer activity.

21) I have traveled over 3/4ths of America. I want to visit it all before I’m too old to travel.

22) When I travel I don’t relax, I want to go, go go! I want to put as many miles on my eyes as possible. I want to see new and beautiful things every place I go. I find beauty in everything.

23) I always tell Josh what celebrity that I think every person looks like. He disagrees with me every time.

24) I blush, a lot.

25) I learned to neigh like a horse when I was about 6. When we lived in Colorado I would slide open the old Arrowstar van window and neigh at the fields of horses, they would always start running towards the fence and neigh back. Funny enough, I haven’t ever neighed at my horse to see what he would do.

26) I’m a late trend adapter.

27) Christmas music soothes my soul. I start listening to it on my ipod in September.

28) I lived in a double wide trailer all through high school.

29) I bought my first home when I was 20.

30) Organization is a huge weakness, I’m working on it though.

31) My favorite flower is a peony

32) A camping trip with my dogs and my sister in Ruidoso last year was my favorite trip ever. We just set the dogs free in the meadows and hiked all day. I’m a total nature girl.

33) My mom is the coolest mom ever. Her favorites words are “Just pray!”

34) Wow, I can’t believe I’m still writing more on this list.

35) Josh’s biceps are incredible. I love manly strength.

36) I’m not much of a girly girl. I can be when I’m out of town with my girlfriends, but for the most part I’m a T-shirt and jeans girl with crumbly mascara from the day before.

37) Tonight I wore a v-neck shirt, capri shorts and my cowboy boots. I have no fashion sense.

38) I believe in aliens, not the slimy cone headed ones, but I really believe that there is life other than ours in the universe. Obviously I’m a sucker for a good sci-fi movie.

39) Time makes me anxious. I am always on time… even if I have to drive like a maniac to get there.

40) When I was a freshman is high school I safety pinned bible verses to my jeans.

41) My favorite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo.

42) I ran my first mile this year since 4th grade. It was a mental breakthrough! When I was in a race when I was 5 I placed dead last, then a fast girl came up to me and said, “Girrrrrl, you don’t know howta ruuuuun!”. I have been scarred since.

Ok, I think that is plenty for tonight. I just wanted to share with people who didn’t know much about who I really am besides photography the things that are in my heart. Welcome to my heart:)


My favorite dane, Londy and I. She follows me every room I go to. I just love her.