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Category Archives: Updates

Lubbock Dates!

I am completely full for the first week that I come home for Lubbock sessions, but now I have another week that will be available for booking!

September 27th-October 1st!

I will be booking 2 sessions per day at 4 and 6 PM, email me if you want a slot!

This would be great for Christmas card sessions, senior pictures, maternity, engagement or family pictures!

Stillwater Sale!


Want to book a session with me in Stillwater, Ok this August?

My new session package is $500, and this includes a $200 session fee and $300 in print credit. If you are one of the first 10 people to book this session package then ALL $500 goes towards your prints… so there is no session fee!

Email me to book your session! My August schedule is filling up fast!

Garage Sale Saturday!

Looking for stuff? We have good stuff, great stuff and AWESOME stuff that we are getting rid of this weekend at our garage sale.

We are selling pretty much every major piece of furniture that we have besides our bed.

-coffee table ($50)

-3 white couches ($800 for all three)

-2 grey modern couches ($500 for both)

-2 42 inch plasma TVs ($800 and $400)

-kitchen table and 6 chairs ($400)

-36 inch lcd TV that needs to be worked on ($100)


-lamps and much more!

-3 white modern bar stools ($150 for all 3)

Come by and buy our stuff:) 8012 Richmond Ave in Lubbock, 1 block west of 82nd and Quaker from 8 AM-1 PM on Saturday!!

If you want to see the “stuff” click here to look through our old house pictures.

2 Weddings are now up for grabs.

If you keep up with my blog at all then you know that I have stopped taking weddings for the rest of this year. This choice was liberating really, knowing that I wouldn’t have a whole year booked out and locked into any plans for 2011. I would be FREE, free to have a child if I wanted, free to take 2 week Alaskan Cruise in the middle of summer, attend all of my nephews birthday parties and family reunions. It will be fun.

My friend Lauren Zaffos just learned the new location of our photo-mission trip for 2011! It will be in Guatemala at an orphanage with 400 children, WOW! She was telling me that she was going to book a few weddings to pay for the trip and I though that was a great idea for us also.

So I have reposted my wedding galleries on the website and am taking 2 weddings so far in 2011.

The weddings have to be in the Winter or Spring BEFORE June 2011.

100% of the proceeds will go towards sending Josh and I on this mission trip!


T-shirt SALE!

Want to buy one of these FUN Cobwoy-Oklahoma themed T’s?


I have 20 mediums and 12 smalls.

Click here to order one for only $15 including shipping!

My new T’s!

I’m a bit of a T-shirt junkie when good ol Matthew Simmons comes up with my designs, he’s the best.

Check out my newest T-shirt design, a cowboy roping the moon over Oklahoma! I’m in love. New shirts available in a few weeks!


i smell a change in the wind

I am in major transition right now… no, I’m not talking about the huge transition of moving, but of my business internally.

Here are a few things that I’m working on changing in the next few months…

-new custom blog from Into The Darkroom!

-COMPLETELY new logo and colors!

-taking on fewer clients to provide a really great experience

-custom packaging for my prints

-I will be my company’s only employee (this is a little scary!)

-shooting familes, seniors and kids instead of weddings

-more information and a closer relationship with the client when ordering and trying to figure everything out

I am so excited about it all! I am going to go through some major changes and everything in my life will be “under construction”, so please excuse the mess during the transition:)

I have my consult with my blog designers tomorrow! I can’t wait to see my “Modern Goes Country” theme to come to life!

Who’s out there?

Would you mind letting me know who you are? I am about to transform my entire photography being  (branding, website, blog, experience, and location!) and would like to know who browses my blog. Thank you!!

Mother’s Day Special!

I don’t do specials very often but now that I am a portrait photographer I think it will be fun! Here is my first special…

Mother’s Day Special


A 1 hour session of Mom and her kids at the location of your choice and 5 gift prints are wrapped into this special (A gift print is a 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10)!

All of this for $300!

Email or call to book today! 405-269-2861 or

Green Tent is THE BOMB (I know, that’s so 90’s)


I am “B”. I want to be “A” :)

So about 6 months ago JD and Barney from Green Tent approached me about their services. I have had many telemarketing calls before about how I am not ranking at all in a google search for “Lubbock Wedding Photographer” and how I should use their service, but why did I need this if I was already booking enough weddings? Barney contacted me, and just wouldn’t give up. I kept thinking that this was going to be a scam or a service that wouldn’t work, but oh was I wrong! They did a search for Lubbock Wedding Photographer and my name didn’t EVEN show up. I thought surely I had enough html text, link backs and people coming to my site for google to pick me up in their local searches, but N O. I wasn’t even ranking. Green Tent got me setup with their local boost service and BAM, within 2 weeks I was on the front page, and now after being on it for a few months I am the SECOND website mentioned on the first page!

These people have the humongo brainpower to set your website ablaze in the local google search engines(and hello! I am pretty sure they would do this for any business, not just photography! Photographers are their specialty though.). They were telling me that all of the things that I was doing to try and get ranked actually were working against me. They are seasoned professionals and know google like it was the back of their hand.

So why is this so important and why am I blogging about it? Because I believe in their service and it WORKS. Now that I am moving to a state and a town that has never heard of me, I REALLY need this service. Barney and JD just set me up today for Stillwater, Oklahoma and I should be ranking there very shortly. This will increase my business and by golly, people in that area going to see my website on the front page of their search and hire me!

If you are having a hard time getting inquiries because no one knows who or where you are, then green tent is the perfect place to start.

I really like JD and Barney. JD also designs really flashy html sites (Barney told me that google likes those better than flash), including Fred Egan’s Unabashadly Prep!

New Number!

My new phone number is 405-269-2861, put it in your phone if you need it, because all of my other numbers don’t work anymore. Well, the business phone will be turned off in a few months, but this will be my new catch all number. Don’t call me if you are a scary creeper, or I will sick my diseased, aggressive great dane on you. Just kidding… well maybe not all the way kidding:)

Working full speed all night to get orders, emails and special projects out the door!

Coming soon!




Brylee and Averi’s airplane shoot!

So I thought I would be able to stay up and work on these and get them posted before I head to Stillwater this morning and that didn’t work very well. More to come on Monday!





Magen and I just got back this morning from spending the night with Grandma in Colorado City. We made a last minute trip yesterday afternoon and took the dogs with us (not really a good nights rest when you’ve got two great danes whining ALL night long, oh well). Magen mowed the yard for Grandma and I just kept the dogs wrangled the whole time. We sat around outside, watched a movie and had breakfast together. I love Grandma and am so glad that she is so close.

We STILL don’t have internet at our house. If you have internet needs and need something faster than a full month then DON’T use NTS here in Lubbock. I called today and they finally said they would rush my order since I have a home based business. Sheesh. I have had to come over to my mom’s once a day and use the internet just to answer an hours worth of emails and blog. I’m about tired of burning DVDs of things to upload on the Internet.

My mind won’t shut off lately. Now that I’m really going to move… a word on this first…

We have NOT moved to Oklahoma yet, the official move date is July 20th, but I will still be coming back to Lubbock once every 2 months for sessions! Everyone I talk to thinks that we have already moved there. We just “moved” into my mom’s rent house behind Starbucks, but we are still in Lubbock.

Ok, back to my mind not shutting off. Since we have decided to move and on top of that I am changing my entire business away from what I am established and successful  and into something scary and foreign, my brain hasn’t given me a rest. It’s number one goal is success and stability within 1 month of living in Oklahoma.  My mind is consumed with advertising and marketing strategies. Even when I want to just shut it off and watch some TV to veg, I find myself analyzing the commercials to see if they are hitting their target market and if I want to buy their product now. So I wrote down a huge list of to do’s for this week and then it hit me, my biggest To Do is to pray. The Lord wanted me to move, His plan is for me to not take anymore weddings, and even though I am really afraid that He won’t come through and bring me the business I need to survive, I have to trust. This is what it is all about. All things will work together for GOOD for those who are called according to His purpose. I was called to move to little old Stillwater, Oklahoma and I know He will take care of me.

Anyways, that’s all that is going on in my life. I get to go and see what Josh has been working on the last few months and see how good the land is looking!

New blog and branding coming from Into The Darkroom soon!! Yippeee!

Where the heck am I?

Missing my post per day lately? We are all moved into our rent house and NTS still hasn’t hooked us up with fiber-optic internet. We called them over 2 weeks ago to get it in and still no phone call to hook us up. Lame.


Anyway, in the mean time I am coming over to my mom’s house to check emails. It isn’t a very fun workflow, and the printer is way to involved in my life, but hopefully it will all soon end. I have a TON of shoots this week and can’t wait to get some posted.

Shot another fun wedding this weekend at the AMAZING new venue for Lubbock brides, McPherson Cellars. It is top notch girls, really.  I loved it.

I schedule 4 days off last week and am itching to get back into shooting this week, along with blogging, and emailing. Guess what? (you can tell I miss the internet world by all of this mix matched jumbo on this post) I am actually going to try harder to call people when they have questions instead of emailing them. I have a business phone, but not really. I have a number that I NEVER answer and I return calls once a week if you are lucky. The truth is, I’m really scared of the unknown numbers calling me. I’m always afraid it’s going to be a mean customer or someone upset with me, so I just never answer. Lame and a fraidy cat, I know. I am beginning to change my entire customer experience with better connections and more personal phone calls. I am easing into it since I still have a little bit of a nervous adrenaline each time it rings, but I’m working on it. Be patient people:)

Thank you for reading my blurbs today.

SUPER DUPER sessions and weddings coming up this week. Just you wait.

Kid/Family Session SALE and GIVEAWAY!!

Well if you haven’t heard yet, I am changing the course of my business to kid photography! I will still accept 10 weddings per year, but my new venture will be photographing YOUR fun kids and families!

Since I have ALWAYS turned away kids and most family sessions I wanted to extend a discount to maybe bring those people back:).

My session package is normally $500 and includes $200 in prints. Well if you book a kid/family session by the first of April (you must purchaseit by April, but can use it through the middle of  July before we move to Oklahoma) then I am giving a new package like this one…

$500 package, but instead of only $200 in prints, this one will have $400 in prints! WOW!!

Book here now!

To get the word out about this I will need your help! Post this link (  or explain what’s going with the giveaway on your facebook status, blog, or twitter with this link and then leave  a comment. In two weeks I’ll draw a name and that family will get a FREE FAMILY SESSION with $400 credit to spend, absolutely FREE!!! Thanks for your help, now get posting and start winning!