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Category Archives: Family


Meet Anna, my new niece!





Magen Graduated!

I am so proud of my sister! She graduated last weekend, summa cum laude, with a Bachelors in Dietetics!  This was at her Honors Graduation reception where she received an award for her great grades! Way to go sister! She was one of 10 accepted into the Texas Tech Dietetics internship program and she will go far. Her dream is to be a writer for a healthy food magazine.



Cookout at the Barnards


Last night the weather and light were perfect, and I had an even more perfect subject, my newphew Jonah.



Lovely Magen

It’s my sister, Magen’s, 23rd birthday today. Happy Birthday little sissy.



Saturday I didn’t have a wedding and was itching to shoot, something that is happening quite a bit lately, and called up my sis-in-law to see if I could practice on her maternity pictures. Isn’t she beautiful? She is having baby no. 3, and the first girl on the Clark’s side!







Superman, I mean… Jonah





We are parents… part 1

We woke up earlier than the sun this morning to clean house before our nephews would be dropped off for the first time to spend a few nights with us. We are parents for the next 3 days to my 4 and 2 year old nephews. I think it would be fun to see how the weekend goes in pictures. I am still a diaper changing virgin and plan on staying that way for a while… so I told Josh he could be in charge of River and I would be in charge of Jonah. I have already changed what we have been playing/doing about 11 times in the last few hours, we have gone through jenga, dancing, pulling them around on a blanket, making crowns, watching a movie, playing ball, reading books and coloring. I’m already tired! I hope I can keep up with them and keep rolling out fun, creative things to keep them busy.


Wish us luck!

Did I mention that I’ve never been a parent before?

Lee Family

When my brother and his family came into town over Christmas they needed a quick family session with their 5 month old new precious girl, Jocelyn Eloise. It had snowed a few inches and there was snow everywhere! I took them to a field and put them on my barcelona chair for a few quick pictures. Here is Chris, Jenice, Jackson and Jocelyn.

Barnard Family

Wanted to post a shot of Josh’s sister’s family from last night. We had a lovely night of movie watching and stew eatin’!


Thanksgiving weekend

Last week was so nice. I didn’t have one session to shoot. I spent a lot of time wondering around the house and answering emails only when I thought I had to. Josh’s parents came in Wednesday night and we had a lot of fun time with his family. The next morning we were supposed to go to Wingate, Texas for Thanksgiving, but I thought since Josh’s family was here it would be nice to spend some extra time with them. We crashed Robyn and Paul’s house for turkey and dressing and it sure was good! We talked for a few hours and then headed off to Grandma’s for her 80th birthday party on Saturday. All of the Bodine kids came and the great grand kids just seemed to multiply! There was never a baby that didn’t need to be held (I almost came home with the baby fever) and little Corrigan would always look at me with huge eyes and ask if we could go outside and play. We spent a lot of time outside:).

In my free time I pulled out my friend Davina’s Get Your Life Back Kit out. It is over 30 pages of introspection and goals. She has such a great message to give everyone about not letting a photography career take over your relationships and your dreams. I loved it and think you should check it out here. I followed all of her steps today and am having a really great day!

Corrigan on the way to the Bodine Dairy in the back of Brant’s truck!

Granddad’s old note

The Bodine Brother’s milk bottle lids


Josh and Brant

Our Oklahoma Land

This weekend Josh and I drove the 7 hour trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma… a trip that I will learn like the back of my hand. Every year his family so kindly gets together 2 weeks early for Thanksgiving so that we can meet with our other families on the real Thanksgiving. We have been meeting in Dover for the last few years and so it was nice to stay with Josh’s parents and go see our land! Josh has seen it before when he went on the scouting trip a few weeks ago, but I haven’t ever seen it. When we drove up I do admit I was a little overwhelmed, and for my personality type to get overwhelmed is a big deal.

It takes A LOT for me to get overwhelmed, especially when I was previously excited and in dream mode. Our land is VERY hilly, and we are going to have to bulldoze through a 4 feet tall sandstone walls to even make an entrance to get on it. The sanguine personality in me can still see the finished dream farm, but I do have to admit that I was trying hard not to stay in the overwhelmed mode.

My husband, Josh,  has a lot of clearing to do.




So now that I’m home and away from the overwhelmed feeling (which mainly Josh will be feeling since he will be the one clearing the land while I stay home and work:), I am seeing the dream again.

Ok,  close your eyes and imagine a hilly forrest in the middle of nowhere with a few horses neighing in the background. Let’s build a big red barn house with a front porch and a swing. Galvanized metal lights, a rooster weather vane, a thick white fence around our yard with the dogs running around like crazy. Now think a little bit farther out… a zip line going across the rushing creek in the spring, a hammock village lost in the woods, a picnic table at the end of the horse trails, the fire pit built into a huge deck, and the sound of the wind rushing through the trees like the noise of a waterfall. This is where I will live. Can you see it?

West Crust’s Pre-Opening party

The party last night had a HUGE turnout! Thanks to everyone who came. As you all know, I have a special place in my heart for my family’s small businesses. I tried to market for them all on my blog… shamelessly. So go and eat some of my sis and bro in laws pizza! The grand opening is Friday! The concert with Shane and Beth was amazing, too. I love how they sang on the back of pickups, Texas style!

Weekend with the family

Jonah in the pumpkin patch.

My mom-in-law and her kids.

Uncle, Aunt, and cousins!

West Crust Pizza! (Pre-opening party this Sunday from 6-9 on 82nd/Iola FREE PIZZA, LIVE MUSIC with Shane&Shane and Bethany Dillon! COME!!)

Justin and Jonah making pizzas together.

Cowboy Symposium

A week ago Saturday was the annual Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock. Cowboys and Cowgirls come from all over the state and neighboring states and bring their horses, chuckwagons and products to show off.

I was in my cowgirl element and even wore a black felt cowboy hat!

I was going to ride in the parade with my step-dad, but wasn’t able to this year, and so my sis-in-law and her family came with me to watch the Parade of Horses and then look around the old cowboy scenes. It was so fun!

Jonah picked a flower for his mom, Marla.

He is part Choctaw Indian and he kept tugging on my shirt all morning saying, “I want to see more Indians auntie!”

Larry stables his horse out where I keep Rev and he is just the nicest horse guy!

Our first vacation with the horses

So Tim has a mammoth horse trailer. I didn’t know how mammoth until I saw it this week for the first time. It is so long that Grandma said it “looked like a TRAIN was comin’ down the driveway” I had my cowboy boots on at my session last Friday and all of my stuff packed and ready to head straight to the horse barn and go to Grandma’s afterwards, and I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I haven’t ever had a “hobby” that was this energizing. I have always, always loved all animals, but horses and dogs have always been on the top of my favorite list. I thought Rev would load the best into the trailer, but it was actually a nightmare. He ended up raring up like the black stallion and was so scared it broke my heart. The others loaded first after we had tired getting Rev in first and didn’t succeed, and then Rev saw the others in there and decided he would be ok and hopped right in. Now, wouldn’t that have been easier if he would have done that the first time???

So we got a late start and didn’t really know how we would let them loose at Grandma’s in the dark. When we got there and let them all backout of the trailer they were in horse heaven! No more small stalls without pasture, it was all wet, lush grass with a TON of space to run around and stretch their legs. I told mom to make sure she woke me up early so I could not miss a beautiful part of the morning taking a few pictures of them. It had poured all night long and the horses were soaked, but I think they loved it.

We rode and rode all weekend, those horses must have been pooped! They did eat everything they could ever want though. When we left the horses all loaded great. We just had to walk them in and it was such a blessing not to have to go through the Black Stallion drama very much again. We made it home and when I put Rev back in his tiny 8×10 stall I was real sad for him, so we called Clayton at Coyote Run and had him put Ruth (Rev’s new girlfriend) and Rev in a larger outdoor area. I’m sure he is much happier about that.

The Train

Tim riding his “green” mare who has bucked him off 2, almost 3 times now.

Carter on the front porch of the horse trailer and mom.

Sister, Magen