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Category Archives: Brainwash Seminar

2 Group Brainwash Dates!

Want in on a Group Brainwash? Here are two new dates that we have available! It has almost been 6 months since the last one and I am ready to host another one in my NEW house in Stillwater! Josh should be finished with the remodel and hopefully by then I will be completely settled in.


Here are the details:

– Breakfast snacks and lunch provided

– Live shoot with a couple, kid or family session (we will take a vote before the Brainwash) around Stillwater with me

– 7 hours of teaching EVERYTHING I know!

– Website critique for everyone attending

– 1/2 hour skype session after the workshop with each attendee as a one on one Q&A time

– Optional campfire on my 20 acres that night!

Saturday, December 4, 2010 from 10-5 (officially, it might go a little longer)


Wednesday, January 13, 2011 10-5 (officially, it might go a little longer)

What is the cost? $800 per person

How many people can come? 8-10

Can anyone come? If you live within an hour radius of Stillwater then you can’t come, BOO, I know. I can’t be training my local competition to be just like me though! Anyone else is game.

Where will it be held? 113 S. Doty St. Stillwater, Oklahoma!

What time? 10-5

What airport is closest to you and will there be a pickup? Tulsa International Airport is the closest to Stillwater, and there won’t be transportation provided.

Click here to BOOK the Big Brainwash in December

Click here to BOOK the Big Brainwash in January

Wondering what on earth a Brainwash is? It is my personal seminar on learning photography! Visit the website here at

Katie for Sylvia’s Brainwash

A few days before I moved to Stillwater Sylvia came over for a Brainwash! Katie was our lovely model and we had a great time that day. Here are a few of the favorites!




And here is Sylvia!


Chelsea and John for Ann’s Brainwash

Meet my friend Chelsea and her husband John, she comes with me to all of my weddings!















Remember Ann from a few weeks ago? She decided to take the plunge and see how to start a photography business!



Andrea and Dustin for Christina’s Brainwash






em04Emily was our model for Cyndi and Tonya’s Brainwash!




Macy and Josh for Heidi’s Brainwash











Noel and Brandi for Carol’s Brainwash

Tuesday I had a one on one Brainwash with Carol Mccowen from Ira, Texas! We had a great time and once again ate Abuelo’s and Cake’s cupcakes. Yum. Now I will diet, for real.


u42u43u44Brandi and Noel


Big Ol Brainwash #2

This is my second workshop to do all by myself. The last one was held in Dallas at The Apartment, and this one was held at my house in Lubbock! I had 9 awesome ladies come for a visit and we ate mexican food, cupcakes, peanut butter m&ms and talked photography for 8 hours! Here are the girls…









And now onto our fabulous models, Jeremy and Sarah Brown.


Custom wedding dress designer.


u25Perfect match.


Kris and Erin for Alison’s Brainwash

This post is a long time coming. Alison attended Love Affair in Atlanta this last summer and she was actually the first girl we met. She was out by the pool when all of us went out jumped in the cold waters and were talking about how nervous we were about speaking that night! Love Affair is such a blessing in my life and we were so overwhelmed with how good everything was going that we had a pool night and started giving away prizes to the person who could perform a certain pool stunt or contest. The prizes kept getting bigger and bigger until finally we all huddled up and Kelly announced that the ladies outside the pool had better get in because the prizes were about to get REALLY good. A few ladies stripped down into their undies and jumped in. That was it. No one else could get in for these prizes, and Kelly announced that I had just dropped 4 quarters in the pool and each lady that found one would get a FREE Brainwash with one of us! It was one of the most exciting moments at Love Affair. Those ladies dove in and I think that Alison might have been the first or second person to find a quarter. She traveled down with her cute dog, Daisy, for her free Brainwash 2 weeks ago and here are some pictures from the sessions!

It’s almost Brainwash season!

Every winter is when I re-open Brainwashes to the public after a few month hiatus from busy wedding season! I will be booking Brainwashes any weekday on the calendar that’s open from January-February. If you have been wanting to be Brainwashed (a one on one workshop with me, where I tell all!) then this is the time to sign up! Want more info on a Brainwash? Click here to see the website.

Brainwash is a $1500 6 hour workshop with me!

Want to know something else that is cool? I am now opening them up to LUBBOCK people since we are moving next summer to Stillwater, Oklahoma!


Group Brainwash- Dallas, Texas

Ashley Munn put together an awesome group of girls for the Dallas Brainwash yesterday for the group Brainwash at The Apartment. It was so nice to meet everyone!

Ashley Munn

Jael DeYoung

Emily Sloan

Michele Graves

Hilary Patrick

Kate Leverenz

Faith Barnes

Amanda Cutler

Catherine Clay

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Yesterday and some of today I spent about 2 hours cutting out about 1000 tiny strips of paper with comments, tweets and parts of pictures for the $1000 giveaway! I was originally supposed to draw on Sunday, November 1st, but I’m teaching a group Brainwash that day in Dallas, so today was the day! I piled all of the little twigs into my office chair and Josh reached in and pulled one out! Do you know who you are??? I do!

(fyi, these are Josh’s hands, not mine, I just shaved my arms for fun yesterday)

Heather, you have just won:
A FREE spot in my group Brainwash February 4th
A FREE night stay at the Overton Hotel in Lubbock
A FREE copy of UNO!

I also wanted to give away another FREE spot to someone who had quite the night when she was entering for this contest… click here to find out who won another FREE spot!

Natalie and Jarod for Jenni’s Brainwash


Michael and Crystal for Sally’s Brainwash

Sally Crunk is one cool girl! I photographed her sister’s wedding back in February in Midland and was so excited when she booked a Brainwash. She will be pretty big time, I think.


Tressie and Chad, and a Brainwash for Casey


Snoop and Genuine

This morning I had a fun riding lesson with Donnie Maines, my friend who taught me how to ride on Dolly the mule. It was a great lesson and I felt way more confident on trying to fix Rev’s small problems. He even said that Rev could ride in the parade at the Cowboy Symposium September 14th! So I will! Maybe I’ll buy some chaps (maybe not:). From 12-6 I brainwashed Casey Hatcher from Abilene, Tx. Tressie and Chad (Magen’s wedding photographers) volunteered to be the models for our shoot, which is always a fun time, and we went to the sunflower fields, a random dirt road and Coyote Run Ranch! Here are my favorites…