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Category Archives: Blogstalker of the Month!

Abbey Canaday, February’s Blogstalker of the month!


5 Random things about Abbey!

Just normal facts..I’m 16 years old, I’m a Christian, I plan to attend Oklahoma State in Stillwater, and I want to be a photographer or something in the related fields.

1) I believe knowing sign language is one of the most interesting things about me. I have been learning a little every day for the past four years because one of my best friends is deaf.

2) I am most afraid of cutting my hair. I hate just getting a trim because I am afraid the stylist will just chop it off.

3) My great great grandfather immigrated from Ireland. I am between 1/8th and 1/16th Irish and would love to go to Ireland.

4) Every time I laugh, I cry, whether I laugh really hard or not.

5) I love my dog very much! I have a silver miniature schnauzer, Laney, who is almost a year old.

How she found my blog:…My sister, Jessica, job shadowed your business as a part of her Ag Communications class at Oklahoma State.

Robyn Crumby, Blogstalker of the MONTH!


How Robyn found my blog: I found your blog through Kelly Moore’s website. I went to Louisiana Tech and in Ruston, Kelly Moore is a HUGE name.

5 Random things about Robin:
1. I recently got married to the man God created for me-8 months ago.
2. I’m EXTREMELY ticklish!
3. I LOVE spicy food. If my nose isn’t running, it’s not spicy enough.
4. I have 2 degrees in architecture, but I don’t want to be an architect.
5. I’m a Louisiana girl who lives in North Dakota… yes, North Dakota where it’s normal for the temperature to be -20 degrees.

Visit her Blog at



Laura must have noticed that to become a Blogstalker of the month you have to comment a lot. Well I opened my comments about a month ago and there were about 20 in a row from her, and so I just knew that she would be December’s blogstalker of the month!

How Laura found this blog: I found Lauren’s blog through my good friend Kallie Walker (, who is mutually obsessed with her wonderful photography. [Kallie took this picture!] I’ve been a fan ever since.
Check our Laura’s blog:

Five random things about Laura:

1.) I can’t wait to be engaged/married so Lauren can do my pictures! I should probably have a boyfriend first…

2.) I’m a senior at Hope College in Holland, MI. I’m going for my degree in communications and sports broadcasting, but I’m still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

3.) I’m a horse lover! I got my first horse at age 12 and have been riding ever since. I’ve competed in both english and western events.

4.)I’m currently the president of my sorority. Through it, I am connected to the strongest, most wonderful women I’ve ever met.

5.)Along with Megan Stanley, I name everything! My car is Louie, my phone is Phillip, my laptop is Chester… it’s pathetic really. If I forget my charger, and I tell my friends that Chester died, they get really concerned.

Abby Gros: November’s Blogstalker of the month!


5 Random things about Abby:

1) I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, without Him I am nothing!!

2) I have been married almost 14 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 beautiful kids, Hannah (11), Ashlyn (8), and Hudson (3). (I would love to have one more) We live on 10 acres, have 4 dogs, 2 horses, and 2 barn cats, oh yeah, and 2 goldfish:) Just this past week, I had to bury my 13 year old dog (whom I cherished) and we had to put down our 26 year old horse. Our animals play such a big part in our lives, and it has been a rough week in our household:(

3) I wish I could sing!!

4) If I could do it all over again, I would have finished college before I had kids. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, just wish I would have finished school before I had these little blessings!

5) Last but not least, I want to be on the Price is Right!!!! Since I was a little girl I have dreamed about being on that show and the only game that I want to play is Plinko:)

How she found me: Abby found our blog through Kelly Moore’s blog. I had been stalking her blog, and when she started talking about the Love Affair Workshop, I found you. I have been stalking you ever since

Check her out!

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Megan Stanley, Blogstalker of the month!

How they found my blog: My husband Mark and I found Lauren two years ago when we were looking for wedding photographers. I had looked at so many different photographers’ work and was about to settle for someone whom we had both somewhat agreed on, only to find that this person was booked on our day. A friend, whose daughter danced at my mom’s studio, told us about Lauren. As soon as we saw her work, we knew we had to have her. I LOVE our wedding photos and everyone else’s who I view on her blog! You are amazing and one of a kind, Lauren!

5 Random things about Megan

1. Mark and I have a monster cat named Sophie. She is the meanest and sweetest cat I have ever had. We love her like she is our child, and we wonder how we ever lived our lives without her.

2. I am a dance teacher and a high school varsity dance team coach. I LOVE what I do, and I’m thankful to my mother for teaching me everything I know (she’s a dance teacher too).

3. We moved from Texas to Ann Arbor, Michigan a year ago. It was the first time either of us really left home (ha), and we are having the time of our lives! We miss our family, but Michigan has been so good to us, despite the -10 degree winter weather! We want to live lots of different places, and this has been a great first “new” place to live.

4. I wish I could have a million different occupations in one lifetime. I’d like to be a baby zoo animal keeper, cosmetologist, Broadway dancer, production designer, pet shelter worker/volunteer, missionary, writer, teacher, professor, to only mention a few :).

5. We name our cars and electronics. Totally weird and cheesy, but it’s just us! The car is Judy, TVs are Sven and Carl, bikes are Elliot and Eleanor, computers are Rainy and Percy…and the embarrassing list goes on…

Jim and Tisha, Blogstalker of the month

Meet Tisha and Jim, these two were one of my first Brainwashes and they are so fun! I think they are the most educated photographers there are! They have been to seminars just as much as I have I think! I was a seminar junkie back in the day. They are my proud blogstalkers of the month!

Five random things about Tisha and Jim:

1.  Our first date was when we were in the 3rd grade.

2.  We’ve been married for 18 years.  We take our commitment very seriously.  There are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people.  It has not been an easy road, and we don’t pretend to think we have this all figured out.  What we do know is that with God, all things are possible and we will defy the odds and grow old together!

3.  We are a husband and wife photography team based in Brady, the TRUE Heart of Texas.

4.  I signed our family of 4 up for a trapeze class thinking it would be a great family bonding experience.  However, Jim tore a muscle in his shoulder requiring two surgeries and causing him to put down the camera for a very long 4 months!

5.  We have two sweet boys, ages 11 and 14, who really keep us busy!  We also have two dogs that we rescued off of the streets.  One is an ugly, stinky mutt named Abby, and the other is an adorable, sweet Lab named Spike.

How they found my blog:

We found your blog through our un-officially adopted daughter Sarah who had engagement pictures done by you in October of 2007.  We have been hooked ever since, and you have inspired us to take our own photography to the next level!

Check their blog out here!

Cristy Cross, Blogstalker of the Month!

Well I haven’t been doing Blogstalker very faithfully so I decided to get back on the ball! This month’s blogstalker is very close to my heart. Cristy and I met at Texas School of Photography 4 years ago and I have loved her ever since!

5 Random things about Cristy:
I’ve been married for almost 7 years, and have an 18 month old boy.  Those are some main facts, but I also wanted to share some that were actually random:

1. Ever since watching the movie “New in Town” I have loved eating tapioca pudding.
2. My new favorite movie is “Proposal”. SO cute and it had me laughing the entire time.
3. I own six seasons of the “Cosby Show”
4. If I weren’t a photographer I would be a pastry chef
5. I love remembering what its like being a kid when I play in the sprinklers with Ben, Benson and the dogs

How she found the blog: I heard about you from my friend Breanna, who is friends with your sister-n-law Marla.  I was struggling with the idea of being a photographer at that moment in my life and Bre pointed me towards your work and I loved what I saw.  Then we were in the TSPP class together, and now we are good friends.  I know God had a plan for us to be friends even before we knew each other.

I have been blessed to be in business for three years.  I am so excited for what God has done with my business this far and I can’t wait to see what He has for me and the photog business in the future.

Her blog: