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Brainwash info

Here is a little more info on the Brainwash seminar.

What is a Brainwash?: A one on one 6 hour class on everything I know about running a business, photoshop,  shooting, camera settings, flash, marketing and branding. It is in Lubbock, Texas at my house and normally goes from 10-4.

When can I book one?: You can look at my calendar on my website and let me know a few weekdays that would work for you. Normally any weekday that is open is good for me!

Is lunch included?: Sure is! Wherever you want to eat for the one on one session we will go, but for the group sessions I’ll pick the place or have it catered.

Will I get to see you photograph?: YES! We will both go out and take pictures of a couple for 1 hour practicing everything we learned that morning. I will also take a few pictures of you for your website!

How much is it?: The one on one is $1500 plus tax and is due on the date that you decide to book it. The group Brainwash is $800 plus tax and has 8 attendees.

How do I pay?: Click here to book the group Brainwash that is here in Lubbock on February 4th and here to book a one on one that can be scheduled at your convenience.

What if I want you to come to me?: There are two options, you can fly me there and pay for my travel expenses OR you can get a group of 8 people to book and host it at your place and your spot will be FREE!

What if I’m a newbie?: I have had many, many newbies come. I will teach at your level for the one on ones and for the group session I’ll start with the basics but move a little quicker than the one on one to accommodate everyone’s learning level.

Can I come if I’m from your hometown?: Sorry, I have closed my seminars to the people in my area. I need to keep my job at least until Josh gets out of school so I can’t share my secrets with my local competition.

What if I have questions after the Brainwash is over?: You can email me! I’ll try to get back to your question as soon as possible. Some people need a little more than a question answered and those people just book a half day brainwash for a refresher.

I can’t afford a Brainwash, is there anyway to get one for free?: Sure! If you arrange for a Brainwash to be at your house and you can find 8 people who will sign up for a group Brainwash then your spot is FREE! All you have to do is provide the place and the people.

If I host a Brainwash what will I need to do?: Find 8 attendees to book, host the Brainwash in your home or studio, help find a model for us to photograph, be my contact for the area, help find us some good local lunch!

What do I need to bring?: Bring your camera gear, laptop (if you want to have me critique some of your images), a cute outfit for the short shoot of you, and a TON of specific questions that you need answered.

Here is what I teach in the seminar:

1) manual shooting/custom settings on your camera/reading a histogram

2) my favorite 20 images and how I got them

3) lighting styles

4) flash

5) posing, working with all kinds of people


6) your short photoshoot

7) we photograph a couple together

8) photoshop

Here is the Brainwash website

I want everyone who comes to get the most out of it, and so I work hard to make sure that you are learning exactly what you came to learn.