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After the wedding

Ok, the wedding of your dreams is finally over, now what?

Here is what to expect…

1) I will blog your wedding within 2 weeks of your wedding.

2) One month from your wedding date your online galleries will be online for your viewing pleasure. We will color correct and edit down to around 500 images.

3) We will mail out your disc within 6 weeks of your wedding. We will need an updated mailing address for this after you marry. Make sure to download and backup your discs because once they are in your hands we are no longer responsible for them.

4) Once you get the time you will need to pick around 40 of your wedding favorites for your album. We average 3 pictures per spread to keep it simple and timeless. You can watch a video on how to make an album order here:

I would pick a few getting ready pictures, 5-6 of your favorites of you two together, 3 of bridesmaids, 3 of groomsmen, 2-4 of the family formals and the rest of wedding/details/reception.

5) We will design a draft of your album and upload it to a gallery with the password set as “album”. Let us know what changes you would like to make. The first 5 image changes are free, anything after that is $25/image.

NOTE: In our contract it states that if you don’t send in your album approval letter by your year anniversary you lose your album, so get started on it:)! This is just for your benefit to get you rolling on your album. Please don’t wait a year.

6) Once you have approved your album design we will email you an album approval paper for you to fill out and email back with your cover image/leather color/stamped names.

7) Then Josh will put the finishing touches on the album and we will upload it to our album company.

8) 3-4 weeks later it will arrive at our house and we will mail it to you.