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Monthly Archives: June 2010

one from tonight


Stillwater Sale!


Want to book a session with me in Stillwater, Ok this August?

My new session package is $500, and this includes a $200 session fee and $300 in print credit. If you are one of the first 10 people to book this session package then ALL $500 goes towards your prints… so there is no session fee!

Email me to book your session! My August schedule is filling up fast!

Our new (50 year old) house on Doty St.

Remember when Josh was up in Stillwater working on the land once a month for 2 weeks at a time? Well on one of those trips I sent him house hunting and he casually looked into buying a house instead of renting in Stillwater, and when he was on his way home he told me of a few that he thought would work. They were all too pricey  for how small they were and then he mentioned one more that had 1350 sq. ft for a bargain basement price and I just knew in my heart that this house on Doty. St. was our new house. It was like marrying a person on a blind date, once I saw the information on it I could have put the money down without every seeing it in person, and that is just what we did, we made an offer on it the next day. I still hadn’t seen the house on Doty St. until this last week when we rolled into Stillwater with our 30 ft. long U-Haul rig to live there and let me tell you my first impression…

Nausea. Pure, nausea.

You see, since we have been married the only houses that we have lived in were brand new, and I had never experienced a junked out smelly house before. The smell was the worst. I think I could have handled the holes in the wall, the dark green carpet and the linoleum during the first impression, but the musty, hot, cat poo, smoke and mold smell just would not go out of my nostrils no matter how long I stayed in the house!

So here is my new house. My lovely husband, Josh, is living in this little house remodeling it for me until I move up there in 3 weeks and it will look completely different by August! His mom and dad have been helping him so much and I really, really appreciate them. Thank Ya’ll!

Enter my “Before” house tour…


I do love this large window in the living room. Josh has already ripped out the green carpet and refinished the beautiful wood floors underneath in the last week.


The doors will be replaced along with new 3 inch thick white trim around the wood floors.


The kitchen was quite a gunky surprise since it looked tidy in the realtor photos. It was after I saw this room that we upped the reno budget a few thousand dollars. Josh will paint the cabinets, put in new tile, new backsplash, new hardware and new sink! Needless to say… a new oven has been ordered also.


What the? I’m not so sure what these changing mats were doing on the dining room walls. In this room: new paint, new tile, new trim, new light fixture.


Can you see the sweat dripping down my face? This is INDOORS my dear friends, Stillwater’s humidity might just get the best of me.


This is the “farm”  room, and it will be my favorite room of the house because I get to decorate it however I want (plaster white deer head and all). New trim, new paint, new windows and new light will grace this lovely room.


This is the master bedroom and the last room of the house to have the lovely green carpet, which has already been disposed of along with the cat poo that was all over it (yuck).


This will be my new office, and Josh is going to paint it a bright coral for me.


The bathroom will be completely gutted and I finally get to have beautiful mosaic tile in our house! We have already found the perfect tile on


The backyard is so green and has a ton of trees and a small hill, I will love growing my garden back here.


The dogs just love it!


Here is the latest photo of our land! Josh had a white rock road built from the country road to our future home site.


This is our huge burn pile right where our house will be!

Megan and Jeremy
















Holly and Star

While I was in New Braunfels this weekend shooting a wedding I schedule a fun session that I had been dreaming up of a mom and daughter floating the river. My aunt found a beautiful mom and daughter that was perfect for the shoot in her Sunday school class and we just had a great shoot!
















Kacy and Brett

Kacy and Brett are the sweetest couple and had a fabulous wedding last weekend in Lubbock at the Legacy with their reception at the Windmill Museum. Kacy is the owner of Panache Salon and her hair always looks amazing, so if you are looking for a salon then check her’s out!

























I just can’t wait any longer…

I want to show you my new website and branding!

I think it’s fun, quirky and country!!!

I am still working on the galleries and text (run-ons and spelling included:) on the website, but wanted to show you how pretty it looks!!


Go and see the NEW!

Click HERE

Thank you to Into The Darkroom for making my new logo! They are getting started on my new custom blog this week and I can’t wait to see it!


We sold out of all of our garage sale stuff in 2 hours on Saturday and now we are packing up the moving truck!

I will be out of the office for one week and then will get caught up on all of the albums orders, regular orders, and emails! Please be patient with me this week since it will be the biggest transition time all year! I will be moving in with my mom for 3 weeks here in Lubbock to finish off most of my Lubbock weddings and sessions and will be a workaholic trying to get everything in order for my move in July.

Josh will be remodeling the house in Stillwater for those three weeks and I can’t wait to see what he will do!

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Garage Sale Saturday!

Looking for stuff? We have good stuff, great stuff and AWESOME stuff that we are getting rid of this weekend at our garage sale.

We are selling pretty much every major piece of furniture that we have besides our bed.

-coffee table ($50)

-3 white couches ($800 for all three)

-2 grey modern couches ($500 for both)

-2 42 inch plasma TVs ($800 and $400)

-kitchen table and 6 chairs ($400)

-36 inch lcd TV that needs to be worked on ($100)


-lamps and much more!

-3 white modern bar stools ($150 for all 3)

Come by and buy our stuff:) 8012 Richmond Ave in Lubbock, 1 block west of 82nd and Quaker from 8 AM-1 PM on Saturday!!

If you want to see the “stuff” click here to look through our old house pictures.

Family Tree wall part 1

A few months back when I first found I saw a really neat family tree print that they featured from and decided to order one for Christmas. I got on and started searching for my relatives and I think it opened up a whole new part of me. I have always been the “historian” of the family, wanting to know stories from the old days from Grandma and my parents and then it hit me about a month ago to make a whole wall of old family photos in my  farm themed guest bedroom and I haven’t stopped searching for old photos yet! I have scoured garage sales for the last 2 weekends just looking for old frames that I could spray paint white and then distress and I have found about 25 frames and only spent around $15 on them all! Garage sales are a goldmine for frames! Here are the steps to do this yourself…

– Photograph old pictures that you would like to display with a macro lens in bright shade at f/5.6.

– Open them in photoshop and make them an old timey b/w and then print.

– Search garage sales for old frames of any color, but mainly focus on their size and texture. Spray paint them a flat white or any color you choose.

– Get 60 sand paper and rough them up on the edges.

– Put your prints in them and hang them all together!

I have only started on my side of the family and still have about 15 frames to fill. They will be displayed in my farm room at the new house in Stillwater and you can guarantee that I will show you the end result!


From the top left going clockwise… 1) My great Nana, Dorothea Macomber 2) The Gannoway Family, my great grandmother is on the bottom right 3) my mom’s baby picture 4) My Nana and great Nana 5) my dad’s baby picture 6) Mom’s senior pictures (sorry mom! Had to post it) 7) Granddad getting his hair pulled by his brother 8 ) Dad and his brothers making a newspaper 9) In the center is grandma and granddad.

What’s new?

Well for starters, we aren’t in Oklahoma yet.

I guess in this day and age buying a small, inexpensive house is like trying to cross the border down in El Paso! We planned on closing tomorrow, but things have taken longer and we won’t be closing until next Monday on our little fixer-upper. This week is all about de-cluttering and packing! We will be moving all of our things in a U-haul Sunday and taking my sweet doggies to their new home in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I can’t believe that the time has already come to move! We have been planning this move since last October and I would always tell mom and Magen to not think about it because it was still over half a year away. Well, it is soon, really, really SOON!

During my transition I may not have many photos of other people for you, it might turn into a reality show blog about Josh, the dogs and I until I get my business up and running, but I will keep you entertained:). Just think of me as the Pioneer Woman’s apprentice!

I am considering taking about 1 wedding a month in January-May next year to keep me busy during the nice weather… the key word is considering:). I actually turned down 2 weddings for the first time in 7 years this month and it felt marvelous! For the first time I felt in control of my life and business and didn’t just accept any wedding on any weekend. It was a small victory.

We are having a garage sale with a ton of NICE furniture this Saturday at 8 AM! I will announce more details soon.

My new logo and colors are marvelous and extremely different than what I have now. I can’t wait to show you my ITDR blog when it is ready.

Josh and I have been watching the first season of 24 and I do say it was very addicting and very stressful. I’m not sure if I want to put myself through that again, I mean, how many times can I handle people getting kidnapped and escaping their death in 1 day? Hardly more than once I would have to say.

I have just watched a half way creepy movie and can’t go to sleep and my typing and spelling are getting worse as the minutes go by, and so this would be a good time to quit writing.

I bought a 1940’s typewriter today. I am very glad.

Natalie and Matt















Sarah and Jeremy + baby “j”

If I were in charge of casting the perfect couple in a movie about living the American Dream, I would pick Sarah and Jeremy. It isn’t often that you meet people who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, you know, beauty really taints people and changes them on the inside. This couple is NOT tainted! Sarah and Jeremy just celebrated their 3 year anniversary a few days ago and are expecting their first baby! Baby “J” will make his appearance in August!


















Aimee just came over (we happened to be wearing the same outfit colors, thought that was funny) and I remembered that my dad gave me a packet of mud from the Dead Sea last night, and being the spontaneous duo that we are we went into the bathroom and put it on. Her son, Ethan, was so scared and he kept saying, “I don’t want to die!” I feel like we are on the set of LOST in this pictures (except the smell of dog poo in this area).


Meet Chayse, a VERY fun 8 year old.