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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Boring blog. sorry

Well this is the most cold, snowy winter in a long time. It seems like if it is warm for a few days it will surely be followed by a snow or ice storm. We were going to head to Oklahoma this weekend and work on the land until we realized we would get stuck there! I had to cancel my session and stay home, sitting in my pajamas like a kid with nothing to do. It’s not that I have nothing to do, I just don’t have very much to do. So my blog has sadly been neglected because I have nothing to show for myself these days. I have been trying to conquer the Super Mario Brothers game again, and reading book after book to pass the time since TV just isn’t cutting it for me lately. Last night I started on the Foxe’s Book of Martrys and it’s almost as hard to read as the Survival Guide I’ve been sloshing through. I have learned a lot while reading it, but it just isn’t easy reading you know? I mean you have to focus the whole time to try and learn these things about survival, I’ve bee going through with a highlighter and making notes on the most important parts. Oh well, Josh needs me to come and pick him up from the tire place.

ho hum. Anyone else bored lately?

Part 2: I’m back from getting out of the house for the first time in 3 days. I feel MUCH better after getting dressed and looking half way cute for the first time in probably a full month. Not seeing anyone new sure does make you lax on washing your hair and brushing your teeth, anyway, I thought it would be intersting to tell you some of the things I’ve learned in the survival book. I also have made an “inspiration” section on my website in the galleries that has a bunch of pictures of my family in it, and if you are bored then you should go and meet my family online. While looking through a ton of family pictures last night I realized that I haven’t printed a single picture for myself in probably 6 months, so that is my goal tomorrow night, to sit down and go through a ton of personal pictures and print them. Ok, back to the SAS guide…

1) REMEMBER you are only as sharp as your knife

2) When there is no water present you can put a plastic bag over a branch with leaves and tie something around it, and in the morning you will have some water in your bag.

3) If you are in a survival situation and don’t have any access to salt then you will need to drink animals blood (ewwww gross), for it is full of salt, minerals and vitamins.

4) Three fires are an internationally known sign of distress

5) When wet, cotton can loose heat up to 240 times faster than when dry, so keep dry!

6) Some prey animals can be attracted to you if you make a kissing noise on the back of your hand.

7) If all you eat in the wild everyday is Rabbit, then you will die of starvation. They lack fat and vitamins essential to man.

8 ) You can eat cattails (the plant, not the real kitty tail)

9) To keep warm at night you can place rocks in the fire all day and then bury them under some soil where you will sleep. The warmth from the rocks underground will keep you warm and dry.

10) You can make a needle magnetic by rubbing it in one direction against silk. No kidding! Then suspend it by a thread and use it as a compass.

Alright, now back to being bored by myself. Have a good day.


Robyn Crumby, Blogstalker of the MONTH!


How Robyn found my blog: I found your blog through Kelly Moore’s website. I went to Louisiana Tech and in Ruston, Kelly Moore is a HUGE name.

5 Random things about Robin:
1. I recently got married to the man God created for me-8 months ago.
2. I’m EXTREMELY ticklish!
3. I LOVE spicy food. If my nose isn’t running, it’s not spicy enough.
4. I have 2 degrees in architecture, but I don’t want to be an architect.
5. I’m a Louisiana girl who lives in North Dakota… yes, North Dakota where it’s normal for the temperature to be -20 degrees.

Visit her Blog at





London is looking up!


When London came home from the vet we were under the impression that she now has Addion’s Disease, a disease where her Adrenal glands have or are in the process of dying and they don’t produce the right hormones any longer. She was on her way to an Addisonian Crisis when the doctor thought to give her a steroid, I’m convinced that Dr. Jones saved her life right then. I have read that an Addisonian Crisis is terrible and can kill it’s victim within hours without the right Percotin shot and steroids. My poor baby will have to be on pills and shots the rest of her life, but she will have a normal life other than that if we keep a close eye on her.

I had such good hopes when we brought her home, she even wagged her a tail a little, which she hadn’t done since I took her in 5 days ago. When she got home she kept refusing to eat. She was probably down to 75 pounds (her normal is in the low 100’s) and her eyes were starting to sink into her skull. I was so stressed out that I spent all afternoon researching ways to get her to eat. One of the best resources to owning a Great Dane is the forum. There are some major dane owners/breeders/behaviorists on this website daily answering questions/reproving new owners of their mistakes and the daily debate about feeding absolutely RAW or regular kibble dog food. Check it out if you have a Dane. I have been a member since I bought Meridian 6 years ago.

While reading the searches on the forum I came across what people called Satin Balls. Sounds pretty strange and when I looked up the recipe it looked nasty! There were a ton of breeders and show dog owners who swore that it made them put weight on and have the shiniest coat ever. The scary thing to me was that it had raw eggs and uncooked beef in it. I thought I would give it a try since the fanatic dane owners had been doing it for years without any problems. I took off to United Supermarket with my long list of strange organic products and came home after exchanging them for $50! Wow, that was an expensive dog treat, but hey, I was already spending $986 on her treatment, so what’s $50?

I mixed the nasty ingredients and offered her some. She quickly licked it and the spit it out. Josh had an “I told you so” moment, but we gave her some time. Meridian on the other hand, “fatty” as we are calling her lately since she has probably put on 15-20 pounds since London has been declining to eat, was drooling for them. Seriously Meridian, you have got to go on a diet and quit eating London’s portion.

Anyway, I was still stressed all day until I was eating some Life cereal, I thought London would surely eat sugary kid cereal, and she did! It wet her appetite and she has been scarfing down wet dog food and Satin Balls anytime I am willing to feed her. I’m sure she will be back to being sleek and healthy in no time.

I thought I would share the nasty recipe with all of you dog lovers who are willing to try feeding RAW nastiness to your dogs as a good treat or to put a bit of weight back on them.

10 pounds of the cheapest hamburger meat, raw
1 jar wheat germ (I couldn’t find this so I left it out)
1 large box of oatmeal (uncooked, not the instant either) 
1 1/4 Cup vegetable oil or olive oil
10 raw eggs 
10 small package of flavorless gelatin 
1 1/4 Cup flavorless unsulphored molasses 
A pinch of salt 
1 large box Total cereal (2 lb)

Mix it all by hand and make into golf ball sized treats, bag and freeze them. I leave one bag thawed in the fridge and feed London a few at each meal. If you just want to give them as a treat only give up to 2 per day. I have read that it is so healthy that they won’t even go number two as much because their body absorbs all of the nutrients from them.


London is scary sick

Just want to blog some of our first pictures of London, she is in the pet hospital now and the news just keeps getting worse.

First she has dropped 15 pounds in a few days, doesn’t want to eat or drink, is the most apathetic I’ve ever seen her, and now the doctor says she is showing signs of neurological damage. I am just beside myself today. We are willing to pay the $2K + vet bill, but losing my sweet dog is just too much to bear or even think about. London is my very favorite dog, the apple of my eye, she follows me from room to room and lays across me wherever I go. Please send up a prayer that she will be ok and have a full recovery. The doctor seemed like he was extremely worried about her this afternoon. He said she is going down hill very fast.

I don’t want to deal with loosing my favorite dog at only 3 years old, it’s just too young. I’m probably being a big cry baby on here, but I just can’t stop thinking about her and how terrible she looked when I went to visit her today. It was like she didn’t even know who I was, she just laid on the floor and quivered.

Some pictures that are making me cry (I guess I needed a good cry)




UPDATE! I talked to the vet this morning and London’s Barium (make her swallow chalky stuff and x-ray it to see if she has any blockage in her digestive system) test went well and nothing was wrong there. She seems to be walking better without the neurological symptoms and might be able to come home today!!

I have something short to say today.

“Jesus Christ is the only one who deserves fame.”, my mission leader said to me while in Honduras last June. I was talking to her about all of the things that I was seeking; fame in photography, money, more things than the next person and happiness outside of the real source.

It struck me to the heart, and I was reminded of it just now. Are you seeking your own fame today?

Mom and Tim’s farmhouse

Last night when I was out at the farm (Tim named it Aleene’s Stables) I saw the prettiest sunsets, and it made me realize how much I will miss the huge horizon once we move to Oklahoma. I think I will still be able to see great sunsets there, but not ones that I can see all the way to the ends of the earth. I love going out to the farm away from any media and just being in the great outdoors, even if it is barren and mildly ugly. I can’t wait to see what mom and Tim do to this old farmhouse. I hope I can decorate it for them one day.


Suzy (great hair) Gonzales- cd cover shoot



We are parents… part 2

This morning started pretty early for me and even earlier for Josh. Luckily, but not luckily for Josh, I’m a super heavy sleeper. I can fall asleep in any situation, light or dark. I heard commotion in the house at 6 AM, and I think the last time I woke up that early was for a flight to Love Affair last year, and let me tell you it did come early! Today was extra busy and here are the things that Josh and I did with the kids today: went to Legacy Play Village, colored with sidewalk chalk, watched a movie, played Candy Land, read books, played with balls, played with Meridian, ran around the front yard, hide and seek, rode the horse, played in dirt, drove tractors, read more books and finally went to bed. I feel like it’s 12 AM right now. It has been fun and exhausting. Here are more pictures…


Jonah loved giving Rev treats. We just moved Rev to Mom and Tim’s farm this weekend and he is being a bit mistreated by the other horses, and Jonah was a welcome friend to Rev.small5

Jonah did feed him a few too many peppermint treats and this was Rev’s reaction…





Sidewalk chalk fun with Auntie.small9


We walked Rev all over 30 acres with the kids on him, and just want to say that he is a pretty good horse.


Jonah and River brushing Rev after a long ride.




The giant dirt mounds from Tim’s new driveways into the farm. It was a fun place for a bunch of boys (and me too! I just need a little extra lotion tonight, that’s all).


We are parents… part 1

We woke up earlier than the sun this morning to clean house before our nephews would be dropped off for the first time to spend a few nights with us. We are parents for the next 3 days to my 4 and 2 year old nephews. I think it would be fun to see how the weekend goes in pictures. I am still a diaper changing virgin and plan on staying that way for a while… so I told Josh he could be in charge of River and I would be in charge of Jonah. I have already changed what we have been playing/doing about 11 times in the last few hours, we have gone through jenga, dancing, pulling them around on a blanket, making crowns, watching a movie, playing ball, reading books and coloring. I’m already tired! I hope I can keep up with them and keep rolling out fun, creative things to keep them busy.


Wish us luck!

Did I mention that I’ve never been a parent before?

Lauren and David- Dallas, Texas










Amy and Derek – Flower Mound, Tx






Featured on Women in Business

Go over to Davina’s blog and check out my feature on Women in Business!

Amy and Derek

Never before has a couple come to visit me in Lubbock only 4 days after their wedding… for another hour in front of my camera. I guess they just couldn’t get enough after their wedding Friday in Flower Mound. Amy and Derek are fun, awesome people. We had a good time yesterday. I’ve spent all day trying to soothe my computers, because they are going slower than ever and I am real sad about it. If you are waiting on a gallery to be posted, a dvd to be mailed, don’t fear! It won’t be much longer! I’m on the phone with my computer guy right now and hopefully Larry can fix me up and bring me back to lightning speed production.



I guess I’m totally loving black and whites lately!2004


Couldn’t decide if I liked it better in color.


2009 in Review

This year has already flown by and a lot has happened. No, really, I mean THIS year, 2010! It has already been 2 weeks and I haven’t had the time to slow down and enjoy or even make a New Years Resolution! I am super bored tonight for the first time since before Christmas and wanted to write down the neat things that happened in 2009 so that I can always look back and remember them.

So I’m just going to go through a trip down memory lane from my old blog to remember what has happened. That’s what blogs are for right?

  1. I lost 15 pounds and was in tip top shape this Spring. I even ran 2 miles, something I have never done before.
  2. I gained 15 pounds. Hehe. I guess I love looking good half the year and eating the other half!
  3. I finally printed my own wedding album after 3 years of being married.
  4. Forbeyon sponsored me as one of their photographers!
  5. I took horse riding lessons and LOVED it.
  6. Josh let me get a horse after my birthday! Rev is my 7 yr. old gelding! I vowed to ride him in a parade.
  7. Went on my first photography mission trip to Honduras.
  8. Bought Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish while sitting in the DFW airport waiting on a layover.
  9. Jocelyn Eloise is my first niece and she was born in July a few days after my 24th birthday.
  10. Featured in The Knot magazine 2 times!
  11. Cut all of my hair off that I have been growing out for 2 years.
  12. Hosted our 4th Love Affair Workshop.
  13. Was in an elevator with Jeremy Piven and made a blushing fool out of myself.
  14. Decided that life on the farm was for us. Josh and I made the decision to move to Stillwater, Oklahoma in the summer of 2010! Moving my business will be the biggest business decision I’ve ever made. We bought 20 acres in the woods.
  15. Helped take our youth group to Glorietta, New Mexico and didn’t forget to take my can of bear mace up the mountain.
  16. Sold my dream car and bought the ugliest car ever made, the Nissan Cube.
  17. Launched UNO! My first photography learning product!
  18. Learned that life is so much better when you are married to a great guy.
  19. Re-hooked myself to HGTV. My new “thing” is wanting to flip houses.
  20. Planted a garden. Everything died except the scallions, which I uprooted after the first freeze.
  21. Bought a book on easy gardening.
  22. Put our house on the market, yes the one we had built 1 ½ years ago.
  23. Started seeing my dad again on a regular basis.
  24. Decided that I’m getting old and working too much. 40 + weddings and about two hundred sessions this year actually made me discover my first gray hair.

I guess 24 is all I could think of off the top of my head. You too must be pretty bored for reading all of this also. Have a nice day.

My life could end in 2010 from posting this hilarious, embarrassing picture of Josh and I at the museum in Ruidoso last week, but what would a post where you tell all about your lovely life be without a little dose of humiliation to balance it all out?


Just for the record, Magen made Josh dress up but I volunteered. Just call me the Pioneer Woman #2!