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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Andy and Liesl

Snowy Christmas Eve

Meridian (5 1/2) and London (3), my 2 Great Danes.

These are the coolest XL dog jackets I’ve been able to find! Check them out here!

We woke up this morning to about a foot of snow (up to my knees in some spots!) and it was such a fun feeling to go outside with the dogs and hear kids screaming in every backyard. It does snow in Lubbock about once a year but I can’t remember the last time that it snowed this much and stayed for more than a few hours! London was a pansy at first until I went out there with her and then she realized that it wasn’t so scary. Her and Meridian just jumped around in it for about 30 minutes. What a fun way to start Christmas!

Catherine and Luke: Richmond, Texas

The Bynum kids

Last weekend Josh and I flew to Houston to photograph a wedding near Katy. We got to stay with my cousins, Zach and Carley, and photographed their kids. It was such a fun weekend.

Officially For Sale!

Know anyone who wants to buy our house? We have just listed it with Coldwell Banker!

Here is the listing! I’ll be working on it all week so you won’t hear from me much on this until Thursday!

Klay and Deborah



Laura must have noticed that to become a Blogstalker of the month you have to comment a lot. Well I opened my comments about a month ago and there were about 20 in a row from her, and so I just knew that she would be December’s blogstalker of the month!

How Laura found this blog: I found Lauren’s blog through my good friend Kallie Walker (, who is mutually obsessed with her wonderful photography. [Kallie took this picture!] I’ve been a fan ever since.
Check our Laura’s blog:

Five random things about Laura:

1.) I can’t wait to be engaged/married so Lauren can do my pictures! I should probably have a boyfriend first…

2.) I’m a senior at Hope College in Holland, MI. I’m going for my degree in communications and sports broadcasting, but I’m still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

3.) I’m a horse lover! I got my first horse at age 12 and have been riding ever since. I’ve competed in both english and western events.

4.)I’m currently the president of my sorority. Through it, I am connected to the strongest, most wonderful women I’ve ever met.

5.)Along with Megan Stanley, I name everything! My car is Louie, my phone is Phillip, my laptop is Chester… it’s pathetic really. If I forget my charger, and I tell my friends that Chester died, they get really concerned.

Barnard Family

Wanted to post a shot of Josh’s sister’s family from last night. We had a lovely night of movie watching and stew eatin’!


Hannah Jackson, CD cover shoot

This afternoon I did something a little different, a CD cover shoot! Here are my quick favorites…





Who I’m thankful for (a little late)

With all of the buzz of Thanksgiving and travel I didn’t get to post about the person I am most thankful for. My husband Josh. I don’t talk about him enough on my blog. Josh is everything you would think of when you think of a quiet guy. He holds his tongue (unlike me), has extreme self control, secret dreams, and always makes sure that I am taken care of. Josh is my favorite person alive. My heart is swelling with love for him today and I wanted to brag on what a great husband I have. I never want to lose him. He is going to be the best school teacher you’ve ever seen!

Have you been loving your spouse lately?




Thanks to Memoree for taking these!

Shields Family

Meet Brandon, Angela, Chandler, Chelsea, Courtlan, Channing, Chisholm and Coleman Shields. The easiest family ever!