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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

Last week was so nice. I didn’t have one session to shoot. I spent a lot of time wondering around the house and answering emails only when I thought I had to. Josh’s parents came in Wednesday night and we had a lot of fun time with his family. The next morning we were supposed to go to Wingate, Texas for Thanksgiving, but I thought since Josh’s family was here it would be nice to spend some extra time with them. We crashed Robyn and Paul’s house for turkey and dressing and it sure was good! We talked for a few hours and then headed off to Grandma’s for her 80th birthday party on Saturday. All of the Bodine kids came and the great grand kids just seemed to multiply! There was never a baby that didn’t need to be held (I almost came home with the baby fever) and little Corrigan would always look at me with huge eyes and ask if we could go outside and play. We spent a lot of time outside:).

In my free time I pulled out my friend Davina’s Get Your Life Back Kit out. It is over 30 pages of introspection and goals. She has such a great message to give everyone about not letting a photography career take over your relationships and your dreams. I loved it and think you should check it out here. I followed all of her steps today and am having a really great day!

Corrigan on the way to the Bodine Dairy in the back of Brant’s truck!

Granddad’s old note

The Bodine Brother’s milk bottle lids


Josh and Brant


Always wanted to buy UNO, but wanted the best discount of the year? Black Friday is your ticket!

This Friday only, all day long when you type in the “blackfriday” discount you will get $40 off!


Jason and Maggie

Another beautiful wedding at Old Glory Ranch.

Loren and Wade

Do you remember my first maternity shoot a few months ago? Well I think I had magic in my camera that night because the next day Loren had Wade! Here are his 3 month pictures. I haven’t photographed an infant this young in 3 years, so don’t judge:)

Brandi and Jerry

It’s almost Brainwash season!

Every winter is when I re-open Brainwashes to the public after a few month hiatus from busy wedding season! I will be booking Brainwashes any weekday on the calendar that’s open from January-February. If you have been wanting to be Brainwashed (a one on one workshop with me, where I tell all!) then this is the time to sign up! Want more info on a Brainwash? Click here to see the website.

Brainwash is a $1500 6 hour workshop with me!

Want to know something else that is cool? I am now opening them up to LUBBOCK people since we are moving next summer to Stillwater, Oklahoma!


Our Oklahoma Land

This weekend Josh and I drove the 7 hour trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma… a trip that I will learn like the back of my hand. Every year his family so kindly gets together 2 weeks early for Thanksgiving so that we can meet with our other families on the real Thanksgiving. We have been meeting in Dover for the last few years and so it was nice to stay with Josh’s parents and go see our land! Josh has seen it before when he went on the scouting trip a few weeks ago, but I haven’t ever seen it. When we drove up I do admit I was a little overwhelmed, and for my personality type to get overwhelmed is a big deal.

It takes A LOT for me to get overwhelmed, especially when I was previously excited and in dream mode. Our land is VERY hilly, and we are going to have to bulldoze through a 4 feet tall sandstone walls to even make an entrance to get on it. The sanguine personality in me can still see the finished dream farm, but I do have to admit that I was trying hard not to stay in the overwhelmed mode.

My husband, Josh,  has a lot of clearing to do.




So now that I’m home and away from the overwhelmed feeling (which mainly Josh will be feeling since he will be the one clearing the land while I stay home and work:), I am seeing the dream again.

Ok,  close your eyes and imagine a hilly forrest in the middle of nowhere with a few horses neighing in the background. Let’s build a big red barn house with a front porch and a swing. Galvanized metal lights, a rooster weather vane, a thick white fence around our yard with the dogs running around like crazy. Now think a little bit farther out… a zip line going across the rushing creek in the spring, a hammock village lost in the woods, a picnic table at the end of the horse trails, the fire pit built into a huge deck, and the sound of the wind rushing through the trees like the noise of a waterfall. This is where I will live. Can you see it?

Jon and Jillian’s engagement session: Stillwater, OK

Jon and Jillian met me this weekend in Stillwater, Oklahoma for their engagement session. These two are such fun people. Jillian had the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen and Jon had some really dry jokes to make ME laugh! It was a good time, and here are the faves…

Abby Gros: November’s Blogstalker of the month!


5 Random things about Abby:

1) I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, without Him I am nothing!!

2) I have been married almost 14 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 beautiful kids, Hannah (11), Ashlyn (8), and Hudson (3). (I would love to have one more) We live on 10 acres, have 4 dogs, 2 horses, and 2 barn cats, oh yeah, and 2 goldfish:) Just this past week, I had to bury my 13 year old dog (whom I cherished) and we had to put down our 26 year old horse. Our animals play such a big part in our lives, and it has been a rough week in our household:(

3) I wish I could sing!!

4) If I could do it all over again, I would have finished college before I had kids. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, just wish I would have finished school before I had these little blessings!

5) Last but not least, I want to be on the Price is Right!!!! Since I was a little girl I have dreamed about being on that show and the only game that I want to play is Plinko:)

How she found me: Abby found our blog through Kelly Moore’s blog. I had been stalking her blog, and when she started talking about the Love Affair Workshop, I found you. I have been stalking you ever since

Check her out!

Want to be December’s blogstalker of the month? We pick someone who comments a lot! Start commenting and you could be picked to have you and your website featured here!

Matt and Morgan: a Big Spring, Texas wedding

Ginny and I drove to the Morgan Ranch Saturday to discover a really nice suprise, that our wedding was on a 9,000 acre wind turbine ranch surrounded with amazing details and a really old barn! This was my kind of wedding!

Ethan and Elijah

My best friend’s kiddos.

“Don’t smile Elijah! Don’t you smile!”- me. “No, he really won’t smile if you tell him not to.”- Aimee.

the King Family

Last night I had the fun opportunity to meet Hannah and her parents. Hannah is full of life and was so easy to connect with. I’m getting closer and closer to saying I’ll do family sessions any day of the week! These have been really fun lately!

Featured on Bludomain’s blog!

UNO is on bludomain’s blog!!


Ginny is visitin’

This June I went on a photo mission trip with some other photographers, mostly Lubbockites, but 2 were from out of town. Ginny Corbett and Amy DeYoung (the 2 out of towners) came in this week for a Honduras Trip Reunion! We have been doing fun things non-stop. Launching UNO and entertaining has been easier than I thought! Here are some of the pictures from Ginny and my shoot last night… and the snuggie buy at the Drive In Movie where we all froze to death on our backsides. I skipped dinner that night and when I got to the drive-in opted for chocolate ice cream and a large hot chocolate, interesting combo!

Lauren Z. Amy DeYoung, me and Ginny

Hot Ginny

Medium to Strong Sexy Ginny.

Ginny is hosting the For The Love Workshop in Tennessee next February that I’m speaking at!

Gotta love those Texas Skies!

imagination workshop

One of my best friends, and business partners, Millie Holloman, is collaborating with the best in the videography business to put on an unusual workshop! The Imagination Workshop won’t be about photography, but how to use your Canon 5D Mark II to make promo videos for your business. It should be amazing! If you are interested check it out NOW!!! It will be next month in Wilmington, North Carolina so put it on your early Christmas list!


Here is the link for more information!!