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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Yesterday and some of today I spent about 2 hours cutting out about 1000 tiny strips of paper with comments, tweets and parts of pictures for the $1000 giveaway! I was originally supposed to draw on Sunday, November 1st, but I’m teaching a group Brainwash that day in Dallas, so today was the day! I piled all of the little twigs into my office chair and Josh reached in and pulled one out! Do you know who you are??? I do!

(fyi, these are Josh’s hands, not mine, I just shaved my arms for fun yesterday)

Heather, you have just won:
A FREE spot in my group Brainwash February 4th
A FREE night stay at the Overton Hotel in Lubbock
A FREE copy of UNO!

I also wanted to give away another FREE spot to someone who had quite the night when she was entering for this contest… click here to find out who won another FREE spot!

For the Love Workshop Scholarship Contest!

Click here for more details…

Wouldn’t it be nice to fly into Tennessee and be picked up and taken away into a mountain lodge in the winter for a 4 day workshop with both photography and Christian speakers? Well know it’s possible. For the Love Workshop will be opening registration Monday!! Go by the website and check it out!

Larry & Chelsea

Best grooms cake of all time.

Wilson Family

Last chance to be the first to know!

Still want to be the first to know (with a special discount!!) about UNO? I will be sending out the email next Monday on what it is!!! Sign up here!


Ashley and Richard

Tisha met up with me in Granbury this weekend and we photographed a wedding and this awesome couple! Ashley and Richard were so fun and had the coolest outfits of all time! Ashley is a bag designer and will be posting a new site soon, until then check her out at Ashard Richley!

Klay and Deborah

Danny and Stephanie

Playing in the light.

I’m lucky when a couple just can’t meet me for a four o’clock shoot, and when the winter light is also shining on us it’s a double blessing. Most of my shoots are done with high sun, harsh shadows and bold colors, but tonight we were able to bask in the magic light of sunset. Here are two from Klay and Deborah’s engagement session from tonight. More to come Monday.


1. UNO is almost out of production and on my shelf ready to go! I will be announcing what it is SOON!
2. We just got a call that we WILL be getting the loan for the land in Stillwater! We have been waiting to hear about this for a while now. I guess it’s pretty hard to get a loan for raw land.
3. I have been vegan for 2.1 days (I caved and made a small batch of cookie dough this morning)
4. Been shooting out of the ordinary stuff lately. Pizza pies and dog shelters!
5. Shooting 2 e-sessions and a wedding this weekend! Headed to Granbury with Tisha!

Look for a photo post tomorrow morning before I drive to Granbury!

Hibernation… again.

You know how polar bears eat all summer long to sustain themselves in hibernation for the winter? Well, I think I just might be part polar bear.

As some of you know I was a work out FREAK and health nut from last October to this June (I lost 15 pounds!). I started loosing my grip when we took our first week long trip of the summer to youth camp. You know, youth camp is always the mecca for healthy food. No seriously, worst food of my life. It was like a yellow meal each day, but worse. I think I ate cereal almost every meal.

So that was a bummer, came back and had a back strain from lifting one of the youth girl’s heaviest bags on earth, and at that moment when all I wanted to do was sleep, I realized that I was loosing my grip on working out. For me, if I don’t do something consistently I will just drop it and find another “obsession”. I tried to work out a few weeks after my back felt better, and then came another week long trip… to Honduras. Well I couldn’t really count calories there because I had no idea what I was eating! So another bad week went by and I was slowly loosing steam… again. I came back trying to regain the ground I had lost and then came Love Affair in Atlanta for 9 DAYS. Yes, Love Affair is a very bad place to try and lose weight. We go to the best places around town for EVERY meal and everyone orders something different and we try it all (except Millie, she just likes normal food).

When I had come home I had just bought Rev, my horse, and had stopped going to the gym altogether because I needed to go and visit him daily to keep him active. I no longer could fit into my size 6 jeans. They were a little snug, if you know what I mean.

So now, sadly… 10 pounds have revisited me for the winter, and I guess I’m just going to have to start over. Maybe I’ll just be a yo-yo for the rest of my photography life. I think if I had a routine without massive amounts of travel that I could keep a steady grip on it, but for now I guess I’ll just be fat me in the winter and skinny me in the spring.

Today I decided to be vegan until I can regain control of my wavering will. I had toast and applesauce for breakfast.

Anyone else out there feeling the polar bear in them?

West Crust’s Pre-Opening party

The party last night had a HUGE turnout! Thanks to everyone who came. As you all know, I have a special place in my heart for my family’s small businesses. I tried to market for them all on my blog… shamelessly. So go and eat some of my sis and bro in laws pizza! The grand opening is Friday! The concert with Shane and Beth was amazing, too. I love how they sang on the back of pickups, Texas style!


Matt & Shana

Shana and Matt were married at the Grand Fontenot Mansion in Spring, Texas last weekend. It was perfect weather and how can a wedding with techno music not be amazing? Techno rocks, and so did this couple! Congratulations you two!

Weekend with the family

Jonah in the pumpkin patch.

My mom-in-law and her kids.

Uncle, Aunt, and cousins!

West Crust Pizza! (Pre-opening party this Sunday from 6-9 on 82nd/Iola FREE PIZZA, LIVE MUSIC with Shane&Shane and Bethany Dillon! COME!!)

Justin and Jonah making pizzas together.