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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Natalie and Jarod for Jenni’s Brainwash


Meet me, this Friday… for a great cause!

The First Friday Art Trail in Lubbock is a fun thing (I think, I’ve never actually been:) down in the depot district that you can walk around and look at local artists and their work. Well the lovely Shari Henson has been gracious enough to do all of the dirty work and get our Hope For Honduras photos displayed and for sale (all proceeds go to at The Legacy from 6-9 Pm.

Here is the website. I’ll be there with her trying to get everyone to help support the missionaries who carry the burden in that community. The least we can do is send them a gift to keep them running… and buy some good photos while we are doing it!



I’m in Houston Brides!

John and Allison’s wedding made it into this fall edition of Houston Brides magazine! I was so excited to see my second publication!

My new car

Josh was thinking of ways that we could get out of debt and have a car with hardly any miles on it. Well with the old dream car, the laser red, fully loaded Infiniti FX 45 (sigh) we were approaching 99,000 miles with three more years of huge payments and three more years of putting an annual 35,000 miles extra. We bought it right before the oil prices hiked and suv and gas guzzlers values plummeted… we were upside down like crazy. So a few nights ago Josh just said that we had to get rid of it, trying to be a grown up I agreed that this was a good idea. So we thought about an economical car that would meet all of our needs: good gas mileage, room for the dogs, and not a grandma car. The solution was the Nissan Cube. When I called Magen to tell her that we bought it she said, “NOOOOOO! That is the ugliest car ever made!”, I’d have to agree, but it’s so ugly that it’s cute! So here is our new car. We’ve had it for 3 days and have already put 260 miles on it. Yikes.

The Nissan Cube gets 28 mpg in town and 30 on the highway! Hip, Hip… Hooray!

Lydia and Dan

I wanted to photograph a bride and groom couple last week in the field where I always ride my horse and so I put a facebook message looking for a couple, and Lydia and Dan were the perfect pair! Dan was our realtor two years ago and sold our house in a super fast month (thanks Dan!), and Lydia went to high school with me at Trinity. We went out into the field and had a good time in the beautiful, evening sun, and I normally don’t get to shoot this late in the evening so it was a real treat!

Doug and LynnAnne

Doug and LynnAnne were married at the Legacy here in Lubbock this last weekend. It is was my only September wedding this year and it couldn’t have been a better one. The Joiner family is just amazing! They are the friendliest they could have been and they just love LynnAnne and Doug! Here are my favorites!

Brett and Kacy

New contest! $1000 in prizes!

Well I thought I would do a monthly contest for us! Here is how this one will work… I really loved how we gave a spot away at the Love Affair Workshop this year by drawing a name out of a hat!

This is for a FREE spot in my Big Brainwash February 4th, a free night stay at the Overton Hotel AND a FREE copy of my new product that will come out at the end of November!

1 chance: twitter something with my blog address  in it!

1 chance: leave a comment on my blog with the word Brainwash in it!

5 chances: put a fun picture of you on your blog with something in the background saying BRAINWASH ME and link back to my blog so I will see it!

Who can win: Anyone, yes, anyone! Even if you are in Lubbock you can win a spot in it!

When: I will draw a name out of my new black felt cowboy hat on November 1st!

What: You will win a FREE spot at the Big Ol Brainwash in February, a FREE night stay at the newest hotel in Lubbock, the Overton and a FREE copy of my new secret product coming out in November!

Dixie is the first to make a fun photo! 10 points for Dixie!








Matt and Morgan

Lauren Z’s baby shower

Yesterday I hosted my first baby shower at my house. Lauren Zaffos is one of my greatest friends and I am so excited that she is having a girl!

Erin McEvily made the cute cake!

Julia, Jo, Renee, Lauren Z, Cristy, Shari, and Erin!

A visit to the Dallas area

Averi and Ty

It rained for 4 days straight while I was there.

My new love… a hound dog. I couldn’t stop petting Pearl and shaking her HUGE ears!

A week ago I drove up to Chatfield, Texas, a town of about 10 houses with a church, cemetery and farm road. Well the most precious family I know lives there, The Howards. I have written about them before since I normally take a few days out of each year to visit them, and this time was even more special because I went alone and had them all to myself. Kind of selfish, I know, but when you meet them you will understand. Carol will speak things into your life that make you feel loved, comforted and encouraged to live a life in the Lord with fervant zeal! We talked about everything and when I left I felt refreshed. The Howards are the leaders of the Cowboy Church of Ennis and they are preaching the meat of God’s word. If you live near the south Dallas area and are looking for a place to connect with people who care and are 100% transparent while learning the deep things of God, then drive on up to the country church in Ennis. It’s right off the highway. I am so proud to call them my friends. While I was there I had some of the best chicken and dumplins of my life, stayed up and talked with their 3 young girls, travelled up to IKEA for hours and spent quality time on the farm. It rained the entire time I was there and all of my sessions had to reschedule, or I would have had a ton more to blog about this week! I also got to see an old friend from Stillwater (where the Howards used to live and where Josh is from), Averi. She has recently had her firstborn son, Ty, and he is the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen! It was fun catching up with her while I was there. Can’t wait for my next fall trip of 2010!:)

Cowboy Symposium

A week ago Saturday was the annual Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock. Cowboys and Cowgirls come from all over the state and neighboring states and bring their horses, chuckwagons and products to show off.

I was in my cowgirl element and even wore a black felt cowboy hat!

I was going to ride in the parade with my step-dad, but wasn’t able to this year, and so my sis-in-law and her family came with me to watch the Parade of Horses and then look around the old cowboy scenes. It was so fun!

Jonah picked a flower for his mom, Marla.

He is part Choctaw Indian and he kept tugging on my shirt all morning saying, “I want to see more Indians auntie!”

Larry stables his horse out where I keep Rev and he is just the nicest horse guy!

Second Annual Double the Credit Sale!

Last year around this time I offered a double the credit sale, and now I have decided to bring it back! If you are wanting to book a $500 session and get $400 in print credit included instead of $200 then book it here!

This would be great for seniors, Christmas photos and last minute sessions!

Check the calendar on the website for free dates.

Book with DOUBLE the CREDIT here!

Jim and Tisha, Blogstalker of the month

Meet Tisha and Jim, these two were one of my first Brainwashes and they are so fun! I think they are the most educated photographers there are! They have been to seminars just as much as I have I think! I was a seminar junkie back in the day. They are my proud blogstalkers of the month!

Five random things about Tisha and Jim:

1.  Our first date was when we were in the 3rd grade.

2.  We’ve been married for 18 years.  We take our commitment very seriously.  There are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people.  It has not been an easy road, and we don’t pretend to think we have this all figured out.  What we do know is that with God, all things are possible and we will defy the odds and grow old together!

3.  We are a husband and wife photography team based in Brady, the TRUE Heart of Texas.

4.  I signed our family of 4 up for a trapeze class thinking it would be a great family bonding experience.  However, Jim tore a muscle in his shoulder requiring two surgeries and causing him to put down the camera for a very long 4 months!

5.  We have two sweet boys, ages 11 and 14, who really keep us busy!  We also have two dogs that we rescued off of the streets.  One is an ugly, stinky mutt named Abby, and the other is an adorable, sweet Lab named Spike.

How they found my blog:

We found your blog through our un-officially adopted daughter Sarah who had engagement pictures done by you in October of 2007.  We have been hooked ever since, and you have inspired us to take our own photography to the next level!

Check their blog out here!

my thoughts on a movie

I finished the rough draft of my secret project today a little earlier than I expected, and I haven’t gone to a movie in a long while so I decided to go and see Julie & Julia. It was cute and funny like people had told me it would be, but what really stuck out was the theme on blogs and the funny way that she was so excited and energized by the people who commented and the other hundreds who didn’t comment but watched on her life through her writings and posts. When her husband mentioned how narcissistic it was, it got me to thinking.

Why do we blog? I think it is really just a rat race idea. The main people who come here are photographers… looking for inspiration? Maybe to borrow a pose or location? Or is it because a person really could be this interested in your otherwise, mostly boring life? I have thought about quitting my blog before, but then my ego decided that I wasn’t allowed to. I’ve always blogged so much because I was afraid that people would just absolutely forget me if I quit blogging, and they would move onto the next photographer who blogged their life away… and forget me. Does anyone else out there feel like it is a rat race and you are doing all of this just to keep your head above the water in the game of photography? Don’t get me wrong, it is incredible marketing and a great way to revisit the events in your own life, but surely there is more than this.

I’m in a strange mood and wanted to actually write on my blog instead of just post more photos of a session or trip. I’ve been going through a lot of thought recently on what I really want in life. Photography is an amazing way to make a living doing something fun and new everyday, but when you get too busy and stretched a little too thin then it just isn’t the same. I think most people will get there after doing the same thing for 6 years, or maybe it’s just me. Wow, 6 years. I have been photographing a wedding almost every weekend for the last 6 YEARS. That is hard to fathom. No wonder I’ve been daydreaming about life on an Oklahoma farm with a pond and a rope swing. I can almost feel the warm light at the end of the tunnel. It’s funny because I was telling my sister how I wanted the rest of my life to play out and it happened to be using a backyard studio teaching 6 different lessons a day to whoever would come: horseback riding, photography, how to play the hammer dulcimer(something I’ve always wanted to learn since hearing Enter The Worship Circle), cooking, art class and Spanish lessons. I want to do a myriad of other things in my life besides run in the rat race of photography.

Do you know when you go off to college to “find yourself”, I think I’m finally settling into who I will be for the rest of my adult life. I skipped that normal experience for late teens and early 20s by jumping right into the work world and marriage at 17 and 19, and so now that I’ve been in a routine without much change in the last year or so I’ve had a lot of time to think about those things you do when in college, what you want to do when you grow up and who you want to be. I’m such a dreamer. I can’t imagine not having dreams or ambitions in life and running hard towards them. I want to be a missionary, a world traveler, I want to take clinics and learn everything about my latest fad that I’m interested in. It would be neat to be a photographer, cowgirl, house flipper, professional cook, bilingual, christian.

Now I’m totally rambling.

I just cooked a gourmet 4 course meal with some friends and am so full that it’s probably pushing even weirder thoughts into this blog post of mine.