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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Leaving for a few days


Going to Seattle to visit my brother, jenice, jack and my first niece, Jocelyn for a few days with my mom! Be back Friday!

Cool photo of the Lee family from Sarah Rhoads blog!

Michael and Crystal for Sally’s Brainwash

Sally Crunk is one cool girl! I photographed her sister’s wedding back in February in Midland and was so excited when she booked a Brainwash. She will be pretty big time, I think.



Loren is a few weeks away from giving birth to her firstborn son, Wade. I was Loren and Brody’s wedding photographer and that was the lucky wedding that Magen decided to help me and just so happened to meet her future husband, Loren’s brother. I have the next 5 Saturdays off and have had more Brainwashes than sessions this week so I wanted to shoot something new, and trust me, a maternity session is NEW. I had a lot of fun! Here are the faves…

Doesn’t she look like Rachel McAdams???

David and Kristen- Lubbock, Texas

Finally! Here is the full post from their wedding at Spirit Ranch, one of my new favorite weddings!

First sight.

more to come

So today I thought I was going to be a good girl and work my bootay off and cross everything off of my list. Well, it didn’t happen. At all:)

I wanted to have David and Kristen’s wedding ready to blog, but I only got one photo done. Here it is. More to come by Saturday night!

Tressie and Chad, and a Brainwash for Casey


Snoop and Genuine

This morning I had a fun riding lesson with Donnie Maines, my friend who taught me how to ride on Dolly the mule. It was a great lesson and I felt way more confident on trying to fix Rev’s small problems. He even said that Rev could ride in the parade at the Cowboy Symposium September 14th! So I will! Maybe I’ll buy some chaps (maybe not:). From 12-6 I brainwashed Casey Hatcher from Abilene, Tx. Tressie and Chad (Magen’s wedding photographers) volunteered to be the models for our shoot, which is always a fun time, and we went to the sunflower fields, a random dirt road and Coyote Run Ranch! Here are my favorites…

Funny one

This is my new favorite wedding picture…

I took it tonight at Kristen and David’s wedding at Spirit Ranch!

Coming to the Dallas area!

I have a few brides in the Dallas area who always have to travel to me for their sessions since it isn’t easy for me to leave my husband, business and dogs and make the 5 hour trip to Dallas to shoot one session.

So I have blocked off 2 days that I will be able to take sessions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Contact me if you want a spot! I will be there September 14th and 15th and already have my 6 PM on the 15th taken. I will take 2-3 sessions per day. This will be your only chance this year for me to come to Dallas for a session, so take advantage of it!

New idea

So I was thinking about my group Brainwash and how it would be fun to not do them in Lubbock all the time. I thought of a fun idea!

Earn a free Brainwash spot by hosting it in your studio/home!

If you want me to come and teach a group Brainwash in your town and can find 8 other people who would come and book a spot then your spot will be free! All you have to provide is the space and help me find a model for us to photograph.

I am kind of a scatter brained person and just throw out ideas and then remember later that I didn’t really explain the details. Sorry about that, that’s just me being me. So I made a whole info page about my Brainwash seminar. Here it is.

The first person to book a group brainwash somewhere fun will get a group discount of only $600 per person instead of $800!

Kalani… senior

Kalani is my first senior of the semester! I was so excited to photographer her because my friend Carrie told me that she had all different colors dyed in her hair. She is a senior at Frenship and is a REALLY talented photographer. I was shocked, she even showed her favorite location to shoot in, which was a little Texas Chainsaw for me, but since she was willing I was willing. I did end up with 2 ticks crawling around on me because of our venture into this field and creepy old house, but it was worth it!

A special thanks to Brent Holloman who made my cool new blog action!

Let’s just call this Death House. I visualized my death when walking around this house just about 30 times during the 20 minutes we shot in it. I need to get a control on my death fear!

Kayla and Chandler for LaRae’s Brainwash

LaRae Russell from San Angelo

The gypsy wagon we found

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies… ever

So I just made a batch of my yummy cookies and wanted to share the recipe with you…

1 c. crisco

1/3 c. butter or margarine

1 c. sugar

1 c. brown sugar

blend super well

2 eggs

2 -3 tsp vanilla

blend super well again

2 Tbsp. cocoa powder

3 1/2 c. flour (I use 1/2 wheat, 1/2 white, but you can do whatever)

1/2 tsp. salt

1 tsp.  baking soda

blend super duper well until EVERYTHING is mixed and stuck together

1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

Cook at 350 for exactly 8 minutes. They will come out 3/4 done, when they cool they will finish hardening and be super soft and yummy!

Jonah’s 4th Birthday

My little nephew Jonah turned 4 Saturday and it was Josh and my first birthday party of his to be able to go to! They normally have it on a Saturday and we have always had a wedding, so we lucked out this weekend when our wedding had canceled and the party was planned for a Sunday. My little Jonah is such a spunky, fun kid. He calls me “auntie” and we play superheros and hide and seek… A LOT when I’m around. Here are some of the big birthday boys pictures…

It was scooter themed.

Hide and seek at Sugar Brown’s Coffee shop.

Robyn ad Paul.

Riley. Josh and River.

River and Grandma

Matt and Natalie

Landi and Josh

The first sight

Landi graduated AT her reception!